Legal Advantage

What sets BrightLine Realty apart from other real estate companies is the expertise of its brokers.

BrightLine Realty’s managing broker, Rob Dickson, is a practicing civil litigator and partner at the Dickson Law Group.  The firm’s legal focus is real estate and construction law.  During his years in practice, Rob has personally represented both buyers and sellers in numerous real estate transactions.  Often, these real estate transactions involved distressed properties that were distressed.  As a result, Rob developed a particular expertise in negotiating short sales and obtaining loan modifications for his clients.  He is a contributing author to the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual, and is an adjunct professor at the Seattle University School of Law.

Also an attorney, Brennen Masters provides a wealth of experience involving construction management of residential properties.  So his experience is somewhat different than Rob’s, Brennen is an expert on the intricacies and complications that come with both developing real estate and performing transactions.  Brandon is able to counsel with his clientele on a wide array of real estate issues.

Whether it be drafting purchase and sale agreements, crafting real estate contracts, or facilitating complicated transactions, Rob’s and Brennen’s expertise is a valuable asset to BrightLine Realty’s clients.